1. Please contact your two senators and member of the House of Representatives. Call or send a fax that states, "I support the American Dysautonomia Institute's requests for massively increased non-familial dysautonomia (NFD) research funding.  NFD afflicts more than three million Americans, 80% women and girls."

Names and addresses of your senators and representative can be obtained at and

2. Have any community organization or business, with which you are affiliated, endorse our requests for increased research funding. 

3. Have your company's donation or grant director contact us, or advise us of her/his name, so that we can do the contacting.

4. Make a donation to us.  See our "Donate " icon at the top right of each of our web pages.

5.  Ask your family and friends to write to their senators and representatives requesting an increase in dysautonomia research funding.

6. Assist us in obtaining accurate news media coverage about dysautonomia.

7. If you are a physician, ask your drug representative as to her/his company's research efforts as to medications to treat dysautonomia.

8. Print our online pamphlet or medical journal article (about dysautonomia) and provide to as many physicians as possible including your own doctors.  A helpful article, to copy and circulate about postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), is at this link:

9. Please contact President Joseph Biden, by e-mail (, or even better by fax, at 202-456-2461.   Ask that he support increased dysautonomia research funding.

10. Contact the Office of Management and Budget, by fax, at 202-395-3504.  Ask that it note the waste, of over one and a half billion dollars per year in medical expenses, secondary to delays in diagnosing non-familial dysautonomia. Therefore, point out that increasing dysautonomia research funding, and disease awareness efforts, are cost effective.   

       How to Help

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