2018     Research Grants

American Dysautonomia Institute (ADI)

Thus far we have made numerous grants.  For the  fifteenth consecutive year we will donate research money to the Mayo Clinic.  For the fifth  year we will make a grant to the Medical College of Wisconsin.  For the third time we will provide support to the efforts, of the wonderful  Dr. Blair Grubb, of the University of Toledo Medical Center.

As for the Medical College of Wisconsin we have paid a portion of the cost of an online continuing medical education video  (under the auspices of Dr. Thomas Chelimsky) about testing for autonomic disorders.  This will allow doctors, around the World, to learn  how to diagnosis dysautonomia, via the Internet, without the expense of travel.

We thank Dr. Chelimsky for his continued support of dysautonomia research.

As for Dr. Grubb, he is looking for andrenergic receptor antibodies in people with dysautonomia.  This raises the possibility of diagnosing dysautonomia with a relatively simple blood test. 

Preliminary research, including at the Vanderbilt Medical Center and University of Oklahoma, suggests that people with dysautonomia have certain "marker" antibodies.

In terms of the Mayo Clinic, research which we are funding also includes trying to pin down specific antibodies in people with dyautonomia.  The Mayo staff is also active in continuing medical education seminars, regarding dysautonomia, as to which we bear a portion of the costs.